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Hello person who has attempted to contact Edward!

Edward is currently away from her comm-y star-fish-y thing, or she might just be busy, or distracted by the Ein-person, or maybe Edward just wanted you to leave a voice-mail instead. Either way, she is not here, so please leave whatever sort of message you wish, or don't wish; You know, whatever. Edward trusts you to do what you think is best.

Arrivederci, au revoir, and Valete.
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[Player Name] : Xenguin
[Personal DW] : Do not have one.
[Age] : 26
[Timezone] : EST
[Other Characters] :
The Disciple ( [personal profile] feralfanatic ) | Homestuck

[Character's Name] : Ed / Radical Edward (or many others) Born: "Francoise Appledelhi"
[Character's Age] : Around 13
[Series] : Cowboy Bebop
[Canon Point] : Taken from the end of the series after she and Ein left the Bebop.

[History] :
Over here.

[Personality] :
Trying to describe Edward at first may seem akin to describing a force of nature. She is the epitome of a wild child: chaotic and free-willed. This is all at a first glance, it is obvious to see she is far from normal, and once we look a bit deeper into some of that we start to see reasoning for some of her quirks.

Her life growing up was far from what anyone might consider normal. Her father is an incredibly absent-minded geologist. His only care was to be working tirelessly, updating maps to reflect the constant falling of pieces of the shattered moon. This left precious little time for his 'Francoise'. Edward, who inherited her father's absent-mindedness, was left to her own devices most of her life with no real guidance from her father. Because of this she can be incredibly flighty and immature. Edward is prone to her own childish method of thinking and speaking, which often includes rhyming, singing, and other types of wordplay. It should be noted that as part of her method of thinking, Edward exclusively refers to herself in the third-person.

Edward has an intense curiosity about pretty much everything. It has given her an powerful thirst for knowledge. She knows a lot more then most her age, but what exactly she chooses to learn can be fairly arbitrary; Outside of computing at least. The one subject to actively hold her wandering attention are the computer sciences. She is an absolute savant when it comes to hacking. Nothing is safe when she turns her attentions to it; Computers, Networks, and even a police fighter craft which she quickly overrides the controls and uses as a remote control plane. (...which she immediately crashes into the ground. Pilot Error!)

Edward has never really had a good understanding of the concept of personal space. Whether it be someone she knows, or a complete stranger, she has no issues climbing all over, touching, or even going through their personal belongings. It just doesn't seem like a big deal to her. This may lead her into some awkward situations, but with as oblivious as she can be, usually it gets laughed off and and she is off on her next adventure.

She lives for the moment, prone to never thinking things through. If something doesn't hold her attention she has no issue dropping what she is doing to find something more interesting. If something is entertaining to her, however, she might focus only on it to the exclusion of all else. She once played a single game of chess for over a week. She even manages to make walking even more interesting, choosing to twirl, roll, hop, or any number of other means of traveling instead of simply walking. Entertainment for Edward can sometimes be on the side of mischievous. Nothing that would cause any harm to anyone, but has a habit of leaving her mark on things.

Edward is almost constantly in a good mood, no matter what she is doing. That isn't say she is incapable of being sad, it just takes a lot more for her to get into that state then it would most. She likes to spread the good feeling around as well. If there are people around her that are sad, she will do her best to cheer them up. Unfortunately, Edward doesn't always come up with the best way of trying to raise someones spirits.

Besides the lack of a decent father figure, Edward never knew her mother. The only real feminine influence in her life was the nuns at the orphanage she stayed at off-and-on. Femininity is both strange and intriguing to her. She is not really sure why someone would go through the trouble of slathering themselves with make-up, and is frequently drawn to overly feminine figures. Which considering her lack of personal space, can be very uncomfortable for whoever has drawn her attentions.

Ed loves making friends, and will go far out of her way to try and make sure they are happy. She may not always have the best judge of character, but she can usually see the good inside of someone. Her free spirit won't allow her to stay in one place too long. She has no qualms in saying goodbye if she feels the time has come to move on.

[Strengths] :
-Edward is a genius at hacking and pretty much anything involving a computer.
-She is quite intelligent in general, having a wide array of knowledges picked up in her wanderings.
-She is unusually agile and limber. Known to throw her feet back over her head and type with her toes.

[Weaknesses] :
-She is quite absent-minded
-She may be smart, but with her interesting method of speaking, trying to get people to understand her can be next to impossible
-Edward lacks common sense and may have trouble with people actually listening to her because of how young she is.

[Other Important Facts] : Edward was here once before months ago. She will be coming back with her memories of being here last time, for the most part.

Also, if possible Edward will be coming in with Ein, Again. Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. But he is also far more then that. Edward and Ein have a unique understanding of one-another, and since they have met they have been mostly inseparable.

[Sample] :

☆ What is this? Is that rain? How nice-- wait a minute, is it raining rubber duckies? Seriously?

Edward was still quite unsure what to think of the strange bubble-place. It was all rather exciting, suddenly showing up in the super cool underwater city place, but she was still getting used to the sight of all the new people. Edward had spoken super long with one of the locals who seemed intent on making sure she attend the pamphlet party thing. Even more awesomer then the new people though, that was all the SCARY SPACE ALIENS!!!

She had seen scary monster people from other planets just like in the old Sci-fi shows she caught on the 'net. Her attempt to communicate using flashing lights like in that one movie was far from successful. Edward was not discouraged, all she needed to do was find another way of speaking... Perhaps they communicated through some sort of scenty-pheromone thingyjig; It was worth trying at least.

She was splayed in a field upside-down typing on Tomato with her toes, when she heard a yelp from the furry Ein person nearby. Looking at her doggy-friend she saw him nearby examining a strange yellow object in the grass, it looked like he was startled by the thing that seemingly fell from the sky on top of him.

"What did Ein find, Ein-person? Lost shiny treasure? Or maybe it is a HooOOOoorrible spoooOOOOooky space-monster egg!?" She says, rolling head-over-heels closer to the offending object. Ein barks, still sniffing at the suddenly-appeared ducky. Edward's eyes go large as she sees the object for what it is. "Oh no, Ein! The space-monsters lay eggs in duckie-ducks, we must warn the town!"

Edward springs to her feet just in time to hear the pitter-patter of rainfall all around. Yet it was different then the rain she knew. Rain usually doesn't squeak. At least not lately. More of the space-monster eggs continued to rain down all around her. She dropped the look of mock-horror, something magical was happening. It was raining rubber duckies! This was the best thing ever!! Wait no, that was becoming a member of Bebop! Then this was the second best... now wait Finding Ein... Third... No. She stops to think, duckies bouncing off everything around her. "WhooOOooAAAAaah! This is sixteenth best thing to ever happen in the history of things!"

Throwing her arms out to either side, she begins to airplane around the field, soaking in the magic of the moment. This was going to be an amazing day.

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